Latest Sermons

Love Denies

July 28, 2019
"As we strive to listen to people the church generally doesn't hear from, we are reminded to deny ourselves and let our love be genuine by having compassion, showing respect,…
"As we wrap up this series on prayer, we hear that praying God's will changes both how you pray and what happens in your life."
“What do you want to be known for? The truth is that the everyday prayers we make and actions we take ripple out into the lives of others farther than…
“God plays a long game that extends to all generations with the goal that all would know of His love. Discover how we can join him in that long game…

Pray Hard

June 30, 2019
  Pray like everything depends on God, and work like everything depends on us. Act like it will happen!

Dream Big

June 23, 2019
Be encouraged to dream dreams worthy of God's "bigness," while remembering His closeness.
Why do we stop praying for the things that matter to you? What does a life of prayer look like when we do not cease praying? Find God's character in…